This post is difficult for me to write because a) the subject is not epic, b) I haven’t thought about it for weeks, and c) my sleep debt has gotten the better of me lately.

Between a 3-week sleep regression that kicked our mornings off at 3:45 a.m. (yes! even the weekends!) and preparing for a big life change (no, not preggers), my blogging has been lacking. I have countless topics I’m going to write about though and I’ve promised myself I will devote more time to my little corner of the internet in the coming months.

A winner don’t quit on themselves, after all. All hail Beyoncé for that gem.

My Summer Favorites (Thus Far)

I thought I’d round up some of my favorites to give you a few ideas of things to do, see and listen to this summer. Here’s to these sunny days!


Mom in Manolos_Artechouse_Washington, D.C.

1// Play at Artechouse. The XYZT exhibit is an interactive sensory motion experience that is fun for kids big and small. Located in SW D.C. near the Smithsonian metro stop, this exhibit runs through September and is a must. Unlike other museums that take themselves way too seriously, you can hear laughter and see actual smiles as visitors contort themselves in awkward positions and jump around like toddlers on a playground. There’s also a bar overlooking the shenanigans. Sip that bubbly and enjoy the people-watching.

Mom in Manolos_Drybar_Washington, D.C.

2// Perfect that hair toss at Drybar. I’ve mentioned how a quick blowout is one of life’s tiny indulgences and I’m going to promote this indulgence again. There are many blow out bars in D.C. but you can’t go wrong with the classic who started it all. Plus, the interior is just so darn cute. Yellow hair dryer light fixtures, white walls, gray accents. Summery for sure. And that extra bounce in your *hair* can’t be beat!

Mom in Manolos_Meadowlark Botanical Gardens_Vienna, Virginia

3// Get some nature in at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Truly a hidden gem in the suburbs of Virginia, Meadowlark Gardens have rolling hills, a decent-sized pond, Asian-inspired architecture, and enough photo opps to last a lifetime. We’ve taken Mason a few times to see the turtles and koi in the pond. It’s been a hit every time.


4// Prepare for major wanderlust. It’s no secret that I, like millions of others, have an affinity for Instagram. If you’re a visual person, it’s heaven for your eyes. There are so many jaw-dropping talented people I follow and one of those is the photographer Simone Bramante (@brahmino). His photography is majestic and peaceful. Head over to his account if you need inspiration or a mental escape.


5// When you’re in a work rut…Podcasts are life! Well, they are if you have the standard D.C. commute of an hour or more. After I drop Mason off at daycare in the mornings, I turn on a podcast to quell my mom guilt (it’s alive and well, 24/7) and zone out before the reality of work sets in. I often find myself thinking about what I want to do career-wise which is why the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast is the perfect escape. Cathy Heller interviews an entrepreneur every week and they dole out priceless advice. Bobbie Brown was a recent guest and I learned so much.

6// When you’re bored but can still focus…You know that feeling of boredom that creeps up on you? You need mental stimulation and you need it NOW. Enter the Revisionist History podcast. Malcolm Gladwell is a genius and his voice will hold your attention. He connects events and details like no one I’ve seen or heard of. And a seemingly random topic all of the sudden becomes intriguing. I’m hooked.

7// And when you confront your Real Housewives obsession. We no longer have Bravo (quiet sobs) so my Real Housewives addiction has practically vanished, much to my husband’s delight. I still hang on to those crazy train wrecks when I listen to Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown. Casey and Danielle recap episodes weekly and their reviews always make me laugh. We all have that one podcast that is the Us Weekly to our Economist. This is mine.


Wishing you a summer of good hair, communing with nature, and podcast zen!Mom in Manolos, Washington D.C.


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