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The Anti-Cooking Chronicles: Volume I | My Kind of Dinner Recipe

I have no patience for food. When I hear the word “cook,” I immediately break out into a rash of invisible hives – my heart races, my mind quickly calculates how much time said chore might take, and the list of all the things I’d rather be doing grows exponentially. Most normal people equate cooking with relaxing. Cheers to you,…

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MiM’s Wonder Woman Series | Ashleigh Meusel of Type A Invitations

I’m proud to introduce a new series that will allow you a glimpse into the lives of everyday women doing creative and interesting things. Join me each month during a rapid fire Q&A session as I get to know what makes these women tick. Let’s connect! To kick off this series, I didn’t have to look too far to find my first…

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Taking Playtime Back

You are one busy mama. You barely have two minutes to think in between the meeting that ran over by half an hour, getting some semblance of a meal together for the kids, and mentally stepping through the list of what needs to be prepared for tomorrow’s inevitable chaos. Taking time to play around with the fancy camera you haven’t…

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The Wine Down: What to Throw Back with Your Kids’ Food

WARNING: This post contains references to foods that are not organic, were pre-packaged, and, please heed caution, may not contain essential vitamins and nutrients. No children were harmed during the making of this post. Thank you for your attention. *** All of us parents inevitably end up eating whatever scraps our kids have rejected from a meal that we beg…

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Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

Lose yourself. Yes, I’m giving you permission, new mom – lose yourself. Lose yourself to the sleepless nights, the clothes doused in spit-up, the baby cries you just can’t seem to quell. Lose yourself in the smell of your new baby’s head, the coos you hope turn into “I love you”‘s someday, the tiny socks and onesies that are only…

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Conquering the KitchenAid Mixer

I have many irrational fears but none scare me as much as those of the domestic nature. This girl will be the first to admit she is domestically-challenged. My mother can attest to how completely stubborn I was growing up. She tried time and time again to teach me cooking basics and was often met with the emphatic “ugh!” sound…

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