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MiM Wonder Woman Series | KHA

Happy Spring, everyone! We’ve made it through the winter doldrums and are on the cusp of blossoming flowers, shopping for dresses and perfect winery weather. It’s enough to make this girl sing “the hills are alive!” while spinning on a metaphorical mountaintop à la Julie Andrews. Speaking of singing, allow me to introduce you to our […] Read more…

Mom in Manolos, Washington D.C., ear jackets, ear crawlers, earrings, hoops, statement earrings

Ear Jackets, Ear Crawlers & Hoops, Oh My!

Why can’t the new year start July 1 instead of January 1? The sun is out, people are in much better moods with all the Vitamin D floating around, ice cream is a regular indulgence, and the 9 – 5 doesn’t seem so bad because summer vacation is on the horizon. Summer has my vote. […] Read more…

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