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Smoothies and the Pursuit of Health

It’s fitting my first post of the new year is about health, right?! Health is something I think we all take for granted until we or a loved one are faced with an issue. For me, it took facing such an issue to begin understanding how much of an impact the foods we eat and the products we buy impact…

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Life Outside the Cubicle | What I Loved Then and What I Love Now

We have been living in Geneva for almost three months now. So hard to believe! It is amazing, I won’t lie, and despite mourning how convenient everything was back in the States (drive-thru Starbucks, fluent English speakers, abundant and free parking), living in Europe is proving to be a huge blessing. There isn’t one day we take it for granted. …

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Mom in Manolos | What’s In a Blog’s Name?

Naming a blog is not something you take lightly. What will it say about me? What do I want to project? Will my future audience identify with it? And most importantly — is the URL available? Having majored in marketing, I wanted something quippy that included alliteration. Having become a mother, I wanted something with sass, something with a little…

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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots in Paris (and Tips & Tricks to Get There)

Paris! It is everything you imagined and more. The energy you feel in the city is palpable. Although everyone has their opinions about the City of Light, no one can deny it is stars-in-the-eyes beautiful. I recently took the high speed 3-hour train to Paris from Geneva for a weekend trip by myself. My husband had spent 5 days the…

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“It Goes By So Fast” and Other Things I Won’t Say to New Parents

When you become a parent, you are inundated with advice. Some solicited but mostly unsolicited advice about things that never crossed your mind. My baby is 5 days old and I’m supposed to establish a bedtime routine? The best way to cure jaundice is a light lamp, like the one you find at a buffet?? If I don’t start tummy…

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